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Simplifying Expressions

Simplification With Multiplication and Division

Solving Rational Equations

Practice Quiz: Working With Expressions

Evaluating Absolute Values

Solving Absolute Values

Solving with Square Roots

Mixed Solving

Working With Expressions Practice Test

Practice Test: Unlock That Notecard!

Simplifying Expressions (Monomials)

Simplifying Expressions (More Complex Expressions)

Chapter 10 Quiz Review (Part 1)

Chapter 10 Quiz Review (Part 2)

Chapter 10 Quiz Review (Part 3)

Chapter 10 Quiz Review (Part 4)

Chapter 10 Quiz Review (Part 5)

Solving Equations With Absolute Values

Solving Equations With Radicals (Square Roots)

Simplifying Expressions With Exponents

Simplifying Expressions With Negative Exponents